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Why Did I Decided To Write Right Now?

The adventure began when a couple of college kids had a son over Thanksgiving break then18 years later, they dropped that son off at his college dorm and hope that the world is ready for him!

I was the mom that talked about my son anytime, any place. At the club? Let me show you these pics of his new chess trophy. At a sporting event? Oh, he plays that! I was the ever present mom that all the teachers, students and parents had seen at least a few times. I was trying to teach him about saving, giving and spending at 3 years old. I wanted to let him try as many activities as possible and see what would stick. We travelled domestically and even did all I could let him go abroad to the Philippines when the opportunity presented itself. My son & I also became active parts of our village and shared & received love constantly.

I shared and received a lot of information during this time, and I always wanted to find a way to share stuff in a way that I know I needed it over the years. I decided to create an inclusive space for parents with advice from a mom that you didn't even ask for and maybe you didn't even know that you needed.

I plan to cover all the phases of raising a kid that I've already gone through, but I am also going to invite some others to write. I know a mom of 12, plenty of breastfeeding moms, moms that have lost, moms that became moms after losing their moms, single moms, married moms, lesbian & bisexual moms, and so many more. There will be features for kids as well. I want some of the young adults, college students, etc to hear some things from the perspective of a mom too even if they aren't ready to have that talk with their parents.

I don't ever want to make my posts long & drawn out. I hope to make you laugh a little now and then. I've also created an Instagram account, so it would be cool if you follow that because I'm going to try to post there too!

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