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The Biggest Of Big Steps: College Move-In

The morning of August 7, 2020, only a week after a delayed graduation ceremony, I moved my only son into his first college dorm. There are a variety of emotions that logistics hasn't allowed me to deal with yet but the impact of the moment does not escape me. I've delayed starting this blog over and over again, but I felt like no better time than now as I reflect on the first 17 years of parenting. So let me share some unique info about moving your child into a dorm over 900 miles away during a pandemic.

  • Create a list of things you need. You are going to forget to update this list, but create it because you'll suddenly remember it when it's time to go shopping for all of the things that you forgot.

  • Target, Amazon and a variety of other sites allow you to create a college wish list or registry. They also have discounts or perks with their registries. Look into this and share it with those that offer to help. Use that list of things you need for the registry.

  • Pack what you can, but be prepared for store runs cause you just can't pack everything. Do not go to the stores right by campus, cause everyone else will go there too!

  • Get to campus early. There will be a lot to do. Carts will be limited and volunteers too. Find out how to get a hold of maintenance, cause you may need them to fix something.

  • Let them unpack and organize things the way that they want them, since they have to live there.

  • Stock up on nonperishable food items while they get adjusted to the cafeteria schedule. Go to Sam's Club or Costco if you can. You can also order and have bulk items delivered to campus later.

  • Encourage family & friends to write them. There are endless emails, and not nearly enough letters, cards and care packages.

  • Feed them, hug them, love them then give them space. It's time!

"We need to make sure our children travel to see things.

Not necessarily long distances but at least out of the neighborhood.

On a train. A boat. An airplane."

- Nikki Giovanni


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